Tuesday, March 27

comparing stories

We have been working on comparing stories and making text-to-text connections. To go along with our Texas/Western theme I picked The Little Red Hen and Armadilly Chili. Here is our venn diagram we completed as a group.

Then they each completed their own venn diagram below.
click to download below

Then we made red hens and armadillos.

The red hens are from Mrs. Larremore at Chalk Talk.

The armadillo patterns are from my wild west unit on TPT.


Sunday, March 25

wild west unit week one

We started our week learning all about horses and cowboys. We read Horses by Gail Gibbons and then wrote about horses.

horses bubble map

writing to inform about horses
(I love how this girl labeled the apples)

I got this book last year and it is precious. After we read it we made a class book about what every cowboy and cowgirl needs.

We made two class books. One for the cowgirls and one for the cowboys.

 Then we made this horse from Mrs. Larremore at Chalk Talk

We read a lot of books about cowboys. Here is one of our chit-chat messages.

We made a cowboy tree map

We learned about cowboy clothing and its function. We made a circle map with all the clothing a cowboy wears.

pocket chart station this week
They are building sentences and completing the recording sheet
(I just updated my wild west unit and this is in it)

Then they made cowgirls and cowboys and finished the sentence prompt. They had to pick an item of clothing or  tool and tell me what it is used for.

Everything above can be found in my wild west math and literacy unit. If you already bought it go back and download load the updated copy. I added a few more things.


Friday, March 23

Calendar Math

I'm planning on using this during calendar math. Have your students complete the calendar with you during your calendar routine.
Click below to download

part of my calendar wall

Days of the week downloaded from The First Grade Parade and Every Day Counts calendar math.


Monday, March 19

wild west unit

I just posted my Wild West Math and Literacy unit on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is what we will be working on this week.

Check out Mrs. Mayas' Kindergarten Spring giveaway for a chance to win this unit and many more.

Tuesday, March 13

dr. seuss and leprechauns

This year I used Mrs. Jump's fun with Dr.Seuss unit to celebrate Seuss. I love the Thing 1 craft and writing activity. They turned out adorable!

The unit also included making inferences about the kids, the fish, and the cat in the hat.

Here we used the book one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish to make mental images about one of the characters.

To celebrate St. Patty's day we made leprechauns from The First Grade Parade. They completed the sentence prompt, "I feel lucky when . . ."


Monday, March 12


We used Mrs. Jump's America unit in February to help us learn about George and Abe and the American symbols. 
Chit-Chat message about George Washington

Circle maps for Abe and George to record all our new learning

We compared and contrasted George and Abe using the venn diagram. We made George Washington from The First Grade Parade. Get instructions here. The darling Lincolns are from Amy Lemons. Grab it here.

More chit-chat messages from Mrs. Jump

We made bald eagles by tracing our hands and feet. Here is another thinking map we used to organize our thinking.

American Symbols tree map
This was completed throughout the week using interactive writing.

Here are some of the books we read throughout the week


Saturday, March 3

Leap year craftivity

Here's what we did for Leap day. They made these frogs and wrote leap lists. My class wants to travel!! I had kids wanting to go to France, Madagascar, and Mars.

All of the activities are found in my Hoppy leap day unit on TPT.

I'm currently in Illinois on my way to Chicago. My husband is starting hospital rotations in Chicago on Monday.
Happy weekend!

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