Monday, August 27

My first day

Today was the first day back with kids. For first days it was pretty good. Exhausting of course but good. Here is what I did to introduce myself to my new kids. I grabbed some items from around the house that described me and put them in the mystery box.
 {The mystery box is from Abby at The Inspired Apple}

Then we charted all the things that I love. Super simple!

One of my favorite first days of school books to read is Jake. Luckily I only had two criers this morning. One I actually had to pull off his father's leg.

Tomorrow we are going to review our first day with this little writing activity. I changed it up a little from last year. Click below to download.


Friday, August 24

Teacher Week Freebie Friday

Setting up a classroom after attending professional development all day is exhausting! I am all set for Monday. I am so excited to get to know and teach all my new little kiddos.I met most Thursday at our meet the teacher night and they are all adorable.  I have some good freebies for you to use in your classroom.

First here is a peek into my classroom.


Freebie for ya!
Supply labels can be found here or click the picture below.
 This is my brand new painted purple wall. It is so bright and pretty. I love it! Last year it was covered in yellow butcher paper. Once I get my final class list I can put their names up.

Tissue paper pom pom how to instructions from here. They are super easy to make and look so good up! They hang above each table.

Freebie for ya!
Reward your class behavior with this simple management technique. Grab it here or click the picture below. This spin on brownie points came from one extra degree.

I added rewards on the back of each cupcake. When my baking sheet is filled with cupcakes I let a child pick any cupcake. We flip it over and read the back. The next day we get to have the reward. Desk friend allows them to bring a stuffed animal from home to sit on their table top all day.
Here is one of my new station labels. I am putting together a little pack of station icons and labels for your room with I can statements for differentiation. It will be posted very soon.

Laundry basket idea from the very creative first grade blue skies.


Wednesday, August 15

setting up

This week I have been working away in my classroom. The kids come back on the 27th.
I found this glitter wrapping paper at Michael's and fell in love. I love all things glitter. I put this baby up on my two bulletin boards in the room and love the finished look.

 Close up with green and white polka dot ribbon border.

 New additions to my teaching table . . . Ikea stools and rug.
 These filing cabinets were such an eye soar all year long. No more. I spray painted them red and added white polka dots.

 I found some left over red paint from last year and decided to paint my last ugly bookshelf.
 For those of you who have asked this wonderful product is how you get the beautiful circles. Thanks to Ms. White for introducing me to this.
I also made a bunch of these. Like I said I love glitter!
 Hung this banner from Martha Stewart over my windows.
For those of you who have asked for my pirate themed behavior chart and Pirate binder files they are coming very soon.
Happy decorating!
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