Saturday, July 30

math station activities

Speaking of math tubs, I saw this activity over at mathwire and decided it needed to be loved on. So I made it pretty. I have tons of dominoes in the classroom. This will be perfect.
Here is another easy to play game that kids love! Just grab some dice and markers to move around the board. I posted a similar game here.


Friday, July 29

math tubs

In my classroom I have 6 math tubs. I use two sterilite 3-drawer medium carts. Each tub is labeled with a different colored domino face. You will find the same colored domino faces in various spots in my room. They would be hanging from the ceiling but my ceiling is crazy high. I have eight groups of two to three kids. Also included in my math stations are science and puzzles. The group cards and domino faces are put in a target dollar spot mini pocket chart. Everyday before math stations I rotate the domino faces. The kids know to grab their matching tub and go to the correct spot in the room. My kids are so good at this that by the end of the year I could call on a child to rotate the station board. One kid gets the tub and the others go to their assigned spot in the room. Sorry no pictures to share. You will have to wait until August when I get in my room. I do have these to share.
For this activity just laminate and provide the manipulatives.

 Copy onto colored card stock and laminate. Kids will place the correct number of manipulatives onto the mat. Or they could clip on clothes pins. You could even cut them apart and make it into a puzzle.

My six tubs are filled with activities for:
sorting and patterning
counting and matching
time and money
adding and subtracting

When it is time to clean up I push play on my CD player (There is always a Dr. Jean CD in there) and the room has to be cleaned, bodies on the carpet, and bubbles in mouths when the song stops. I also have a child in charge of turning on the CD player.

Don't you love how kids create new classroom jobs. Saves me so much time.


I added pirate themed number cards to here and here.


Wednesday, July 27

something for math

Just a little something to help the kiddos develop number sense and one-to-one. Copy onto colored card stock, laminate, and cut! You can have your kids put anything in the squares.


Monday, July 25

2nd day of school writing

A lot happens on the first day of school. Their little minds are jam packed with new rules, faces, names, activities . . . so much to take in. Here is a cute second day of school activity to review everything that happened on the first day of school. Click the pic to download.


Sunday, July 24

quote for the classroom

 I just love this quote. I decided I am going to proudly display it in my classroom. Cut it out or hang vertically, like so. Get it here.

Saturday, July 23

Songs for the classroom

More songs to sing with your kiddos. Any time I need a few minutes to get supplies ready for a new activity or whatever, I project a song on my SmartBoard and give a child a pointer and let them lead the class in song. Then that child gets to pick a quiet child to be the new leader. It goes on and on until I am ready and the kids LOVE it. Click the pics below to download.
Write the letter you are intoducing on a sticky note and place it on the laminated bus. Sing the song, inserting the letter sound.
My team teacher told me about this song she used to sing with her class. Super cute!
These songs are going in my easel binder for sure! So many more songs for the easel binder over at Little Miss Kindergarten.


Friday, July 22

sight words

I'm always looking for new ways to help my students develop sight word recognition. Two activities I am loving are color by number as seen on The Moffatt Girls and sight word splat as seen on Heidisongs. If I were in kindergarten I would be all over these activities.

I am also loving this cute song found on Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos blog. Write the sight word you are introducing on a sticky note and put it on the laminated bus. Then sing this song. Click below to download.


Wednesday, July 20

literacy stations

In need of some station activities? Check out my pack here or here. I think it is really fun! Just to prove it, here is a little sample.
list writing for your writing station


Monday, July 18

Mr. Munch song

Checking out Dr. Jean's blog and finding some great stuff for the classroom! Like this sound muncher song. Perfect for my sound munchers.

Click above to download

Saturday, July 16

pirates and first day of school

I am loving the pirate theme. I'm excited to get into the classroom and start decorating. I can't do anything until I return to the states in August. I will have exactly 2 weeks to prep! Not a lot of time. I made this first day of school coloring activity. Perfect for morning work. Plus, you can easily assess who can color and who knows their colors.

Click above to download


Thursday, July 14

Bulletin Board Sayings

I'm going to be all piratey this year like Mrs. Jump. LOVE her room. I am also loving all of Ms. White's pirate decor and pretty much her whole room. My summer in the Caribbean is also good enough reason for a pirate classroom. I have my mom busting out the pirate artwork to go with these sayings.

I am also digging the "under construction" bulletin board. Genius really! I know you have seen this in blogland or on pinterest. This sign is going center stage on my bulletin board with some construction tape.

Still undecided about what is going on your bulletin boards? Check our Really Roper and her linky party for some great ideas.

If you take a mouse to school Freebie

One of my favorite Laura Numeroff books is, If You Take a Mouse to School.

As a follow up activity I like to have my kids make text to self connections with the sentence prompt, "If you take me to school, I will ask you for . . ."  Click below to download. I included this and just the sentence prompt.

It is also fun to make a flow map.
Link up at Ingles 360 to share your ideas about Laura Numeroff.

Monday, July 11

teacher wish list

I have a mini bulletin board outside my door where I post the snack sign up, daily schedule, wish list, and other messages to parents. My school allows parents to drop off and pick up students at the door. Makes parent communication super easy. I'm also able to build great connections with the parents. Here is my wish list I will be posting on my bulletin board.  Click below to download.


reading comprehension spinner

Speaking of reading, I made this spinner as a quick fun way to check comprehension after reading. Instant mini lesson too. Click below to download.


Sunday, July 10

Books for the first days of school

Read Aloud is one of my favorite things to do will my class. Here are a few books I'm adding to my collection for August/September. All are in my Amazon wish list.

Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes
Splat the Cat: Back to School, Splat!
A, My Name Is Alice (Picture Puffin Books)
Jake Starts School

Click below to join the linky party with Mrs. Parker.

Friday, July 8

teacher love notes

I love all the little notes kids give you. They really brighten your day and make you feel special. I'm going to put all my notes *worth keeping* in a teacher love notes binder.

Here is my binder cover.
Click above to download
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