Sunday, December 30

The Polar Express

Friday we had our Polar Express viewing party. Everyone came to school dressed in their pajamas. The kids had to show their ticket and get it punched to ride the Polar Express. They had to earn their ticket by showing me good behavior. I had the chairs set up in rows to look like a train. Then I passed out hot chocolate for them to drink while watching the movie.
Here are some graphs we completed leading up to the viewing party.
Click below to grab a copy

Saturday, December 29

Grinch and reindeer fun

Where did the month of December go? Seriously, it flew by. I have completely neglected this blog. Because we had four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas I finally had enough time to do all the fun Christmas stuff I normally just whiz through.
We had a whole week of Grinch fun. We brainstormed some adjectives that describe the Grinch. We also brainstormed some adjectives that describe the Grinch's heart at the end of the strory.

Just click below to grab a copy of the Grinch write the room
Grinch Dust
Click the picture below to download label
I passed out reindeer noses for my girft to the kids.
click the picture below to download the label
 These are the reindeer ornamants they made for their parents. I got the idea from Mrs. Lemons over at step into second grade.
Here is a peek at the non-fiction reindeer unit I actually had time to teach. We never have four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We compared real reindeer and fantasy reindeer and made a venn diagram. I read them the sentences and they had to tell me if it was fantasy or real.

We added this poem to our poetry journals. They had to illustrate the poem and butter the popcorn words.
We learned that an adult reindeer stands about four feet tall. Then we measured to find out how tall we are compared to a reindeer.

 We used interactive writing to write about reindeer.

We practiced non fiction writing.

 We did a reindeer directed drawing. First in pencil then we outlined in black crayon. Then they painted the reindeer. They used their fingerprints to make the snow. Then they measured how tall their reindeer was using cubes.

We started the unit with a schema chart and added to the new learning section throughout the week.
 Enjoy your time off. It goes too fast. You can find the reindeer activities in my reindeer unit on TPT.
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