Tuesday, September 27

things I never got to show

My PIRATE binders. Love them and keep wondering why this is my first year ever doing this.

Birthday balloons from what the teacher wants. We have already celebrated two birthdays and the kids were so excited to get their birthday balloon.

Is anyone else teaching at an IB school? This year we are introducing the attitudes and learner profiles. We have to have the learner profiles somewhere in our classroom. So this is what I came up with.

If you ever want something I have posted about just email me and I will try to get it to you. Many of you have been asking for items in the comment section. It is easier for me to keep track of requests if you email me.

Monday, September 26

fun with names and colors

We have been been having so much fun with names over here. We graphed the letters in our names. They had to rainbow write their names, cut, and glue their letters in order. Then we analyzed the data.

These two activities are from Deanna's fun with names math and literacy unit.

We also cheered our names. This was so much fun. We passed around a megaphone I got from Party City and cheered with our pom-poms. The megaphone and pom-pom instructions can be found on Julie Lee's blog. I added the words "Give me a" and "What's that spell?"

I wrote their name with a yellow marker and they add to trace with a pencil and glue on the sentence strips.

We've also been learning our colors. We covered the red bird with tissue paper. Then we added the red color song from Frog Street Press in our Poetry journal.

We painted our green frogs with food coloring using marshmallows. This came from Julie Lee.

We love rainbow hair!! We added it to our poetry journals and made the reader. The reader can be found on Deanna Jump's blog.

These last two are from my pocket chart unit and literacy stations unit.

We used fly eye to help us look at the pictures and learn new words.


Thursday, September 22

Plaidypus lost

We spent the week reading Plaidypus Lost. It is a super cute story about a little girl who just can't seem to keep track of her stuffed plaidypus. We used the book to discuss characters and setting. Then we used interactive writing to list the characters in the story and the settings.

One day we introduced my story map and we mapped out the story on sticky notes.

We made text to self connections about a time they lost something special. I shared the story of my lost wedding ring. This cute little recording sheet is modeled after one Kim Adsit made.

I saw that Growing Kinders also read Plaidypus Lost. She made a flow map with her class. I've been so excited to use this idea with my class. We used our list of characters and settings to sequence the story. Everyone partnered up and illustrated either a setting or character. Oh my gosh, they all shared and worked so nicely together.

I finally unloaded my pictures so I have much more to share.

Sunday, September 11

units now in Spanish

This post is for all the Bilingual and Dual language teachers out there. My team teacher always tells me how there is nothing cute out there in Spanish. So we want to know if you agree. She teamed up with me to translate my back to school literacy station pack in Spanish. It is all ready and up on my TPT store and Teachers Notebook store. If you would like to see more units in Spanish leave a comment. Also if you have any requests leave a comment. We hope you enjoy our first bilingual unit!!


Saturday, September 10

Cute activities just in time for open house

I have been so impressed with my kiddos ability to listen and follow instructions. They have already improved so much from day one. Makes me a proud teacher. These cute activities can be found in Deanna Jump’s Fun with names unit and back to school math and literacy unit.


All about me

IMG_1625 IMG_1626

A my name is Alice

These were proudly displayed in my classroom for open house. The parents loved them!


Rainbow names

we graphed the boys and girls in our class. This idea came from Julie Lee. They turned out adorable!!


IMG_1634 IMG_1635

We read Miss Nelson is Missing and compared Miss Nelson’s class to our class. Another idea from Julie Lee.


Our shape of the week was a circle and our sight word was I so this activity was perfect. Can you tell Julie Lee has amazing ideas. Go check her out on my sidebar.


we’ve been making Kim Adsit number anchor charts.


Here is our anchor chart for how to enter the classroom in the morning.


When they enter the classroom they see the anchor chart and choose a greeting.  Our greetings are hug, high five, dragonfly kiss, and pinky hug.


I also write for Blog Hoppin’ check out my post here.


Wednesday, September 7

open house

Tomorrow night is my open house! I put together a little presentation to share with the parents to help them get to know me and a feel for the classroom. I'll share this before I get into all the good stuff.

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