Sunday, September 30

Literacy icons and "I can" statements

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This has just been added to my TPT shop. You will find mini labels for your station board and large labels for around your room. It also includes "I can" statements.Here is what it looks like in my room.

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We have been working on this pack for literacy stations. My kids have been doing so great at following station procedures. Here is a look at a few activities.


Monday, September 17

Another week down and two freebies

I love it when the kids finally start to get a hang of all the new routines and procedures. Makes life so much easier. Here is a look at some the activities we did last week.
Another all about me graph. We graphed the color of our hair.
 We did our first science experiment. Do you think a coconut will sink or float? We graphed our hypothesis. The idea came from Deanna Jump.
Here is a recording sheet we completed. Click below to download. It was a little tricky for my kinders but they loved asking their friends and going through the process.
 We also explored a coconut using our five senses. They kids loved it when I cracked the coconut open with a hammer. Chart idea is also from Deanna Jump.
This little interactive writing activity goes great with Pete the Cat Rocking in my school shoes.

The school buses are from Deanna Jump's fun with names unit.

Here are my birthday balloons. This year instead of giant pixy stixs I am using crazy straws. So much cheaper and just as fun for the kids. You can download the balloon from What the Teacher Wants.

We started using Kim Adsit's Reading workshop unit. It is a must have. Here is our journal for anchor charts.

This is one of the anchor charts we made together.

This is my hall chant I sing with my kids before we go into the hall. If you would like to make one just click the picture below to download.
Click below to download

Tuesday, September 11

the first two weeks of school

The first two weeks of school of been exhausting and busy. We have been busy busy learning all our brand new routines and procedures. My class is so sweet and already have me laughing. Here is a look at what we have been up to.

We had fun with with our names. We counted the letters in our name.
 We read A my name is Alice and made this cute craft from Deanna Jump's fun with names math and literacy unit.

We rainbow dotted our names with bingo markers.
We read Chrysanthemum and graphed how many letters we have in our names.
We graphed how do you get home from school from Deanna Jump's back to school unit.
 We also graphed boys and girls in our class.
 Oh my I  am in love with Miss Viola Swamp from Julie Lee. They turned out adorable. After reading Miss Nelson is Missing we compared our class to Miss Nelson's naughty class.

We also made No David from Julie Lee and talked about being a peacemaker versus a peacebreaker.

Here our some of the anchor charts we made in class
You can read more about Mr. Potato head over here.

For those of you who have asked my PIRATE binder forms are uploaded onto TPT as a free download. Grab here and here.


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