Wednesday, May 8

Celebrate the Earth!

We had a lot of fun celebrating the Earth with The Lorax. We made this adorable Lorax art from prek and k sharing to wrap up our learning.
 We made dirt cups to celebrate the earth and did a little how to writing. These were so yummy!
We made a class book about what the earth gives us. This idea came from Chalk Talk.
After reading The Lorax we talked about how characters change. We added an entry into our reader's workshop journal about how the Once-ler changed.
We added this song to our poetry journal and wrote about how we could make the earth glitter.
We also did some Lorax math. I got the idea to set up our math problems like this from Kim Adsit.


Tuesday, May 7


I can't even believe it is May! Summer is just around the corner. We wrapped up our insect study a few weeks ago. Check out what we've been learning about.
We illustrated and labeled the butterfly life cycle in our science journals.
We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and retold the story using the story props and retelling rope.
They got their own story props to use to retell and sequence the story. As requested the story props colored and black and white have been included in my insect unit available very soon on TPT.

We learned that insects have compound eyes. These activities are from Julie Lee and Deanna Jump.

 We illustrated our big science word in our science journals.
Here are some of the anchor charts we made after learning about each insect.

Check back soon for this unit!


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