Monday, July 2

How things move

We started exploring how objects moved in science. At the beginning of the unit I asked everyone to bring in an object that moves. Then we took turns sharing out how each object moves. Everyone loved showing the toy they brought and how it moved. Then we sorted the objects by how they move. The kids used this venn diagram to record their findings and as a class we used two hula hoops to sort the real life objects.
Then we talked about the ways objects move. We learned that they can move quickly or slowly, in a straight or jagged line, backward or forward, upward or downward, or in circles. We made these anchor charts for all the ways objects can move.

We also discussed how objects can move fast and slow. We sorted the pictures and made this anchor chart. Motion: Push and Pull, Fast and Slow is a great book to add to your unit. We read it before sorting the objects.

For shared reading we read this book using our interactive board.
 You can find everything in my How Objects Move unit available on TPT. You can check it out here.
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