Tuesday, May 29


Here is a fun ocean song to the tune of take me out to the ball game. I also included a student copy for poetry journals. Click below to download.

We sequenced and retold the story there was an old lady who swallowed a shell using the retelling pieces.

We compared great white sharks to orca whales from Deanna Jump's ocean unit.The sea horses are also from her unit. I added the sentence fact.


Saturday, May 26

summer olympics

This is the last weekend before school lets out. Only three day left!
We are working on my Olympic unit until school is out.
We made a bubble map of adjectives that describe Olympic athletes. Then we used the bubble map to make Olympian list poems.

Olympian list poems

We made a class book about Olympic athletes using the bubble map of Olympian adjectives. We've enjoyed reading this book.

I am so proud of the little artists my students have become!
"Olympic athletes are flexible."
"Olympic athletes are balanced."

 Then we started talking about biographies. We've been reading lots of biographies about famous Olympic athletes. We read a biography on Michael Phelps and Mia Hamm.

We started writing our own biographies about Michael Phelps.

We made swimmers, soccer players, and gymnasts.

We've been reading a ton on all the different Olympic sports.

Olympic math booklet

Building sentences in the pocket chart

We wrote biographies about Mia Hamm and made a soccer player.

We put Olympic words in ABC order

Practicing our sight words

Check out my whole Olympic unit on Teachers Pay Teachers here.

Monday, May 21

zoo mini unit

I just posted my zoo mini unit on TPT. It includes the craft below, word wall cards, and a few extras. To see more click here.


Sunday, May 20

summer olympics unit and insects

I am so excited about this unit. I love watching the Olympics and I'm going to love teaching my kiddos about it. Come back to see more of this unit in my classroom.

Here is a little preview of some of the things included in this unit. Check it out here to see what all is included.

Now here is the rest of our insect study.
We graphed do you think bugs are creepy or cool? This adorable graph idea came from Julie Lee.

We made fireflies and charted our new learning on a circle map.

We made bug glyphs and wrote about what bugs us. These two activities cam from Deanna Jump's insect unit.

We wrote about the butterfly life cycle using interactive writing. This idea came from Deanna Jump.

Then I had them illustrate the butterfly life cycle in their science journals.

I loved this idea from chalk talk. I was so impressed with the big words my class was able to predict all before reading the book. We predicted what words we would find in the book, Waiting For Wings.

While reading the book we checked off each word that was read. Then we filled in the blanks using words we predicted.

We drew and painted butterflies using directed drawing then they measured their butterfly wingspan using inch cubes. This idea came from Julie Lee.

We illustrated the word metamorphosis in our science journals.

We learned that insects have compound eyes. Here is our anchor chart inspired from Deanna Jump.

They illustrated another big word in their science journal.

 We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and retold the story with our retelling pieces.

And another goodie from Julie Lee. We learned how strong ants are. It would be like us holding a car!

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