Tuesday, March 29

Hop and Easter Bunny Application

Have you seen the trailer for Hop? It's about E.B. the bunny who doesn't want to be the Easter Bunny. Instead he would rather drum in a band and see the world. It looks super cute. So all this inspired me to create an Easter Bunny application.


Friday, March 25

farm fun!

You can add these picture cards to your word wall, pocket chart center, or writing center. I am going to place them in my writing center to help my kids write about the prompt below. You can also use the words to match animals to the sound they make.

Click picture below to download

After reading, The Cow That Went Oink, have your students write their own fiction story.
Click below to download

Before learning about each farm animal, sing the silly song, your kids will love it! I included a song for your poetry journal. Have your kids butter the popcorn words and underline chunks, then illustrate the song.
Click below to download

All of my clip art is from Scrappin Doodles, I think they are so fun and cheap!
Happy Friday!


Thursday, March 24

farm word search

What the teacher wants always makes cute word searches. My kinders love doing them. So I created my own for our farm unit. I think it is a fun way to end a unit and practice all the new vocabulary learned.

Click the picture below to download


Farm stuff

*Post Edit

We have our kindergarten field trip next week. We will be traveling to the farm. I love that we get to spend time in school learning all about the farm and then go milk cows and ride horses. In the meantime I created a farmer tree map and a data recording sheet to use after you graph your favorite farm animal.

click the picture below to download

Click the picture below to download

* I realized that the coins I made were too large, so I shurnk them down to be used as a pie graph.


Wednesday, March 23

Dental health unit

This unit is always one of my favorites. We read the new Silvericious (which is just too cute), got free toothbrushes from Colgate and learned a ton. The graphs and dentist tree map came from Mrs. Carroll's dental health mini unit.


Think math and St. Patrick's day

Mrs. Jump posted on her blog about think math. I just love this! We started doing it in my class and the kids think it is the coolest thing. We use unifix cubes to solve the problems. You can see the different levels in my class through their responses. I am loving that someone gave me a multiplication problem.

Before Spring break we made these darling little leprechauns from Mrs. Carroll. The writing prompt was created by Mrs. Perry at Primary Perspective. I think they turned out looking so dang cute!


Texas unit

We finished up our Texas unit today. Here is what we have been working on in class.

For shared writing we completed the pattern writing "These boots were made for . . ." Then they completed the writing prompt and used water colors to paint the boot. They first drew the pattern with a pencil.
We learned what a cowboy wears and why. Then they drew a cowboy or cowgirl and labeled the clothing. They turned out adorable.
And every cowboy needs a horse.They wrote wanted posters.
We graphed a lot.We painted Bluebonnets and wrote about Bluebonnets for shared writing.
Here is our bulletin board with all of their amazing work! So proud of my little kinders.

Tuesday, March 22

America unit

I never got around to posting pictures from the America unit created by Mrs. Jump. My kids had so much fun with this unit, they loved it. They especially enjoyed learning about the Statue of Liberty. Here is a look at what we did. I just bought a bunch of books for this unit from Half Price Books.

The president circle map came from another blogger.  I've always had this master and done it with my kids. I love the addition of a circle map.

Grab the George/Abe master by clicking below

Wednesday, March 9

pot O' gold!

I never seem to find time for St. Patrick's day with Spring break and all. Mrs. Carroll has a darling leprechaun that she makes. It is too cute not to make. What the Teacher Wants also posted a mini unit for free!
Click the picture below to download pot o' gold math and recording sheet

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