Tuesday, June 26

singing styles

I wrote this post last summer. We sang this song everytime a new sight word was introduced. My kiddos loved it. I followed it up with Heidi Songs sing and spell the sight words. As the school year progressed I decided to make a cube with six different singing styles. My helper rolled the cube and told us what singing voice to use then the helper led us in the song using the special pointer.

Grab your own copy here
Grab a copy of the song here
More songs for calendar time here

In other news my blog was nominated!!

Thursday, June 7

welcome to summer!

I am on summer vacation over here. The school year went by so fast and yet so slow. August feels like forever ago. I miss seeing my sweet kindergarten babies. I loved being their second mommy during the day. I'm so proud of all they accomplished.
Heck writing biographies about Olympic athletes! Here is the published book.

Here is another writing activity that we did with our Olympic unit. They brainstormed what it would be like to be an Olympic athlete.

We compared the summer games to the winter games

We had lots of books to help us with this activity.

We made Olympic torches out of toilet paper rolls.

We made class shirts with their names on the back.

You can find all the activities above in my Olympic Games unit. I'll be updating the unit soon to include the torch craft.

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