Tuesday, August 27

classroom tour

Day two of kindergarten is over! There is nothing quite like the first days of kindergarten. Everyday gets better. It is going to be a great year in Room 36!
And now for a classroom tour . . .
My favorite addition to the classroom this year is the teaching table. I got the brilliant idea to cover the top of the table with contact paper from Jennifer White over at first grade blue skies. Then I made a tulle skirt and used hot glue to attach it to the table.
These cute containers are from Target and I'm using them to store our journals this year.
I still love my word wall inspired by Julie Lee.
I bought a brand new kitchen from IKEA. The table and chairs are also from IKEA.
I teach at an IB world school. This is how I displayed the learner profiles. 


Friday, August 2

end of the year gifts

I've started getting ready for the upcoming school year. I have one week left of summer vacation. Before all that starts up again here is a quick look at what I sent my kiddos home with on the last day of school.
We made this cutie graduation kid. I love this keepsake and so do the parents.
This year for end of the year gifts I went to home depot and had 12 by 12 white boards cut from shower board panels. Then I free handed their names using paint pens. It was a big hit!
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