Sunday, January 30

snowman fun

Deanna Jump's units on Teachers Pay Teachers are amazing. Here is a look at some of the activities from her snowman unit. Too cute!
We read the story Snowman at Night and Snowmen all Year Long. Then we made these darling snowmen and wrote about what a snowman does at night,
We read these two poems and then glued a copy of each into their poetry journals. I have each child illustrate the poem then butter the sight words with a yellow crayon.
We completed the interactive writing “How to Build a Snowman.” The children took turns making the different snowman parts while another child wrote a step.
We made snowmen using the snowman glyph. I love how each one looks so different.
We completed a lot of snowmen story problems using my problem solving board. We solve the story problem together then they glue the question into their math journal and solve the problem on their own.

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Renee Yurovsky said...

These are all just so beautiful. The would look like something we would do at our dental office when the kids come around before the holidays next month. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
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