Monday, July 22

ocean fun

The summer is going by in a blur. I want time to slow down. The last weeks of school we spend time learning all about the ocean and the animals that live in it. It is one of my most favorite units to teach. It also means the end of another school year is near!
For our poetry journals I used the poems from the book Commotion in the Ocean. My kiddos loved the book and especially enjoyed having their own copy in their poetry journal. 

The patterns for the shark and sea horse are from Deanna Jump. We wrote facts on the back of each animal.
These whales are found in my ocean unit available on TPT.
The jelly fish pattern is also in my ocean unit. We added crepe paper and bingo dotted the body.
Giant paper plate crabs we painted red.
Here is another Ocean poem we added to our poetry journal.
We learned lots of new science words. After we learned a new big word we added this recording sheet to our science journals.


Kate said...

I love all your ocean crafts! Very cute!

Brittany Weidlich said...

I am loving your poetry & science journal!!!


Julie said...

Where do you find all these wonderful poems?
Light A Fire in Third

Justin said...

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